From the foggy rainforest of Tofino, British Columbia, I spend my days working and playing to see that our beautiful planet can continue on for future generations to love and cherish. As an environmentalist, writer, misadventurer and life lover, I’m specifically interested in the positive actions being taken to make our world a healthier and more vibrant place to be.

 Our greatest gift is the opportunity to be a part of earth's unfolding story. To identify what makes our hearts sing and use that to make the planet healthier and humankind happier.  To make a difference and enjoy ourselves in the process! To make all of this possible and to gain an inspirational spring in your step, check out my environmental writings, collaborations and resources. Contact me if you would like for me to speak at your conference, host a workshop at your retreat, if you would like me to write for your publication, and/or if you would like to collaborate!